Reading and podcasts about that DevOps thing

The Phoenix Project (Book)

A book that explains in real terms what the future of IT might just look like in a few years. I don’t know whether it will or not, but it’s a good read and really raises some great points where IT people can work towards improving systems and integrating with the business in a real way to help them reach their goals. The same guys involved in this also seem to have another book in the pipeline, called The DevOps Cookbook. It’s definitely on my list to read as soon as it comes out.

Ops All The Things (Podcast)

A really good podcast by a couple of really really smart guys in the ops/sysadmin field. It’s only just started, but each episode is jam packed full of interesting topics to think about. Every episode so far has given me some things to take into my day to day to help constantly improve what i’m doing and giving me ideas to share.

PowerScripting Podcast

One of my go-to podcasts when I’m just wanting to hear something new or interesting about the tech world. Loads of really really cool guests from all over the world, not just Windows/Microsoft. Even though it’s the official podcast it’s about a lot of general tech/automation and just cool stuff as well, not just PowerShell focused.