Test-Business (PSDay 2018)

Oh my, what a great day! I met loads of great people and in general had a great day with many many ideas to take back to work!

Things started well with the keynote by Richard Siddaway, on his birthday, no less! He gave a great session on where we are, what we’re here for and also a bit on where we’re going, as well as a great call to action, that consisted of contribute, contribute, contribute!

Right after a quick break, I gave my Test-Business session, which was nervewracking, but ultimately really good (i think?!). I had some great feedback afterward that really made my day. As long as someone is interested to try my code, I’m happy. Slides and content are on GitHub. I’m planning to also do a bit of cleanup and release the module soon as a preview module on the PowerShell Gallery.

The rest of the day was a blur of amazing sessions, speaking to amazing people and a quick jaunt to a pub for a bit more of a geek session! In no particular order, my takeaways were:

All in all, a magic day, many great people and one of the best days (and the best conference) I’ve ever been to!

Major thanks to the organisers Jonathan Medd, Daniel Krebs, Ryan Yates and all the other people that made this possible!