My GitHub Gists

Assorted random snippets of code I have written and find useful.


A PowerShell module for getting and setting the system timezone, like tzutil (and uses tzutil), but for PowerShell! Source (GitHub)


A PowerShell script for managing Active Directory shadow groups.


PiCentralHeating - A combo hardware/software project for a low cost central heating system controller, designed to run on the Raspberry Pi.

PiCH temperature board image


A PowerShell module for backing up DHCP logs for audit or retention purposes.


A personal project to create a flexible Microsoft Windows frontend to the udpcast project for multicasting files or folders to client machines.

Books (As a Technical Reviewer)

Technical review and feedback, making sure the technical content of the book was correct and that examples and code presented were functional and conformed to best practices.

Mastering Active Directory by Dishan Francis (Packt Publishing)

A well thought out book covering a large amount of the Active Directory landscape.

Active Directory with PowerShell by Uma Yellapragada (Packt Publishing)

A nice book and would certainly help anyone just getting started with scripting with either Active Directory or PowerShell.

Getting Started with Powershell by Michael Shepard (Packt Publishing)

A well thought out introduction to PowerShell aimed at beginners, split up into easy to digest pieces.