Recent Books II

Another foray into recent reads, all pretty great books.

Terminal World - Alistair Reynolds

A story where the lead character becomes progressively less human physically, but more human in character throughout the story. It’s a great far-future-post-apocalyptic adventure with humans, machines and things somewhere in-between.

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

Quite possibly my favourite book of the year. It’s a video game sci-fi adventure of the like conjured up by Neal Stephenson and Cory Doctorow with a bucketload of vintage video game references and 80’s pop culture thrown in.

REAMDE - Neal Stephenson

A slightly shady founder of an MMORPG, Terrorists, MI6 and Russians. It’s not the best I’ve read from Neal Stephenson, but it’s in the top three.

Stark’s War (The Trilogy) - John G. Hemry

More sci-fi, but this time with a military twist. Three fairly entertaining books that cover a mutiny and a fight to preserve freedom and the rights given to citizens by the U.S. Constitution.

Feed - Mira Grant

Deadline - Mira Grant

More post-apocalyptic near future adventures, now with more zombies! The Newsflesh novels follow Georgia and Shaun Mason kicking arse, taking names and blogging all about it.