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Active Directory Permissions and C#

I’ve been doing some work recently with C# querying AD for locked out users. One of the requirements for this was to only show users that can be altered by the user running the program.

Fortunately there is a computed AD attribute available for this to do the job, called allowedAttributesEffective. Here is some sample code to check a user for attributes you can write to:

Ethernet Cable Wiring

Just a quick post about something I did a long while ago (but have recently updated).

Ethernet Cable Wiring (Google Docs)

It’s a guide on making Ethernet cables I created a while ago, parts of it can be used as handouts or part of an information pack for students. It has proven quite useful and attempts to walk people through a ‘correct’ way to make cables. I sourced information from a couple of websites, including a great article here.