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Theme updates amongst a wasteland of procrastination

A few changes, some big (header images), some small (loads of small CSS positioning changes).

I expect changes will continue, as always, these things are works in progress for the most part as I see things that could be better.

Everything else has been pretty much left as it was, for the moment. I will be doing some recording this Sunday for the ‘Metal project’ and I’ll be getting back into the Rails development with a vengeance, ill probably work on some ideas I’ve had for some build up projects to get me used to various aspects of rails development.

Metal… It’s Brutal!

Just a quick update, i’m working on some basslines for the metal tracks me and my mate are working on. I havent got any audio recorded yet (I’m still loving Reaper!) or anything down solid, but it’s progressing pretty quickly, so there should be something to show for it pretty soon. There should be 7-8 tracks once we are done, we will probably get a few out there to download for free, to see how people like them.

Some Bass!

I’ve been starting to put some bass down for a couple of my mates tracks, i’ll update with some audio when I get the chance. It’s an excellent blend of thrash and old-school metal with a modern twist.

I started to record my basslines with Audacity, but it was quite annoying having to split the signal at the output of the amp head for monitoring and not being able to properly monitor the recorded signal. I ended up moving to Reaper, which gives me a lot more versatility for recording.

I also played a gig with Tom Bertram today, a charity gig at the RMA Tavern. We got a good reception and played a new song as a finale. It went down really really well!