Recent Books III

Yes, it’s been a while, but here are some more great books I have read in the recent past.

  • Pirate Cinema – Cory Doctorow
    A really enjoyable book based in a near future London, where the only difference to reality is the harsh hammer of copyright law. It’s a fun adventure and an interesting premise, but I’ll have to read it again before I make a decision on whether it’s good, or great.
  • The Departure – Neal Asher
  • Zero Point – Neal Asher
    Enhanced intelligence, emergent AI, guns, space travel and a ‘1984’-esque government. There’s a lot to ponder, plus a good adventure and the overthrow of an oppressive government rolled in. Based on these two books, I can’t wait for the third book of ‘The Owner Trilogy’.
  • I, Alex Cross – James Patterson
    A modern day murder mystery and a big conspiracy involving the mob, the secret service and some other less than reputable characters. It’s a good story, if a bit short, but then theres a bunch of others in the series to read, so they’re next.
  • Covenant – Dean Crawford
    Alien remains and the uplift humanity concept explored in this Indiana Jones type adventure for a burnt out war journalist. It’s an OK story, but almost all of the concepts have been explored before.
  • The Restoration Game – Ken MacLeod
    It’s quite difficult to talk about this one without spoilers. MMO’s, a Russia-Georgia conflict and all sorts of weird history and secrets make this one a real rollercoaster. It’s probably one of the best books I’ve read from Ken MacLeod.

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