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GitHub Gists and other snippets

I’m making more of an effort to post useful snippets of PowerShell and other stuff, like custom ADMX templates to either my GitHub Gists, or to a GitHub repository I’ve set up for miscellaneous bits and bobs.

As I’ve improved with PowerShell, it’s become easier to write generalised scripts, rather than highly targeted ones, so that I can solve similar problems, or share pieces of scripts around more easily.

If you’d like to learn more about Windows PowerShell check out and the PowerScripting Podcast, they are nice friendly places that are easy to navigate and full to the brim with good content.

Backup DHCP Logs with Powershell

I’ve uploaded another little Powershell script to GitHub, as a module this time!

It’s called backupDhcpLogs and it tries to do what it says on the tin. Of course, if you couldn’t read the tin, it’s a module to back up DHCP logs.

Currently it backs up the previous days of logs to a destination you specify and will also remove logs from the destination that are older than a number of days you specify. There is also the option to back up the DHCP server configuration if you so wish.

However, I’ve got some more work to do on it. I’d like to offer an option to back up all the logs that exist, while managing them in the same way. Additionally, I would also like to offer a slightly more modern backup method using ‘Export-DhcpServer’ or ‘Backup-DhcpServer’, and not ‘netsh’.

I also had to remove a check for the DHCP Server Windows feature from the module, as it was stopping it from running when using the ‘Run whether the user is logged in or not’ option in the task scheduler. It’s something I’ll figure out eventually, then put the functionality back in.

Changing the ‘Howdy, user’ on the toolbar for WordPress

I haven’t been doing much on here in the way of computing lately, so to get back to it, here’s a WordPress plugin I wrote to get a better idea of how the plugin settings API works.

It’s very basic, all it does is change the ‘Howdy’ text in the toolbar (front and backend) to whatever you want by altering the toolbar by injecting the new greeting.

It was good fun to write, so here it is!


Bass gear and Updates

First things first, my time with the Tom Bertram band has come to an end. It was great fun and I definitely recommend that you check out his album when he releases it.

I’m not doing a lot else at the moment, I have some band auditions coming up, and I’m trying to get a pop-punk or post-hardcore band started up, we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve also changed some of the gear I use, on the amp side I’m using a 500 watt Markbass Little Mark III, as the Ashdown gave up the ghost when it blew the power amp. I can still use it as a pre-amp, for practice and recording, but It’s never going to make it to a gig again.

On a happier note, the Little Mark III is an absolute beast of an amp, it sounds just as good, if not better than my Ashdown while being smaller, lighter and running cooler thanks to its class D transformer.

I also have a new bass guitar. It’s quite possibly the nicest thing I have ever seen, never mind played! It’s a custom ESP Phoenix II, with the custom part being the finish, which is a negative of the black version, so it’s a white body, with black pickguard and headstock.

I’ll post some pics when I dig out the DSLR, or take some pictures at a practice.

Ethernet Cable Wiring

Just a quick post about something I did a long while ago (but have recently updated).

Ethernet Cable Wiring (Google Docs)

It’s a guide on making Ethernet cables I created a while ago, parts of it can be used as handouts or part of an information pack for students. It has proven quite useful and attempts to walk people through a ‘correct’ way to make cables. I sourced information from a couple of websites, including a great article here.

Theme updates amongst a wasteland of procrastination

A few changes, some big (header images), some small (loads of small CSS positioning changes).

I expect changes will continue, as always, these things are works in progress for the most part as I see things that could be better.

Everything else has been pretty much left as it was, for the moment. I will be doing some recording this Sunday for the ‘Metal project’ and I’ll be getting back into the Rails development with a vengeance, ill probably work on some ideas I’ve had for some build up projects to get me used to various aspects of rails development.

Just a quick one

I’ve made some more progress with Ruby on Rails and have also got some of my ideas down to flesh out the project I want to create with it. It should be a fairly easy project that I can build up over time and mould into something pretty cool.

In related news: Git is awesome. I prefer it over the alternatives. I never really used it until I started this RoR thing, but now I wouldn’t use anything else.