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Theme updates amongst a wasteland of procrastination

A few changes, some big (header images), some small (loads of small CSS positioning changes).

I expect changes will continue, as always, these things are works in progress for the most part as I see things that could be better.

Everything else has been pretty much left as it was, for the moment. I will be doing some recording this Sunday for the ‘Metal project’ and I’ll be getting back into the Rails development with a vengeance, ill probably work on some ideas I’ve had for some build up projects to get me used to various aspects of rails development.

Just a quick one

I’ve made some more progress with Ruby on Rails and have also got some of my ideas down to flesh out the project I want to create with it. It should be a fairly easy project that I can build up over time and mould into something pretty cool.

In related news: Git is awesome. I prefer it over the alternatives. I never really used it until I started this RoR thing, but now I wouldn’t use anything else.

Ruby on Rails (RoR)

I’ve been learning some Ruby on Rails recently, it’s been pretty good fun. If you are looking to get started with some RoR, here’s some of the recources i used:

I’ve also got two books on the way to use as a reference and help me along:

It’s going pretty well and I’m enjoying it. I’ve got some ideas that prompted me to learn this, as I wanted to use something other than my normal web development process, which  involved stacks of PHP. I do like PHP, but I do occasionally feel the need to learn some new stuff on occasion. I like the way Rails provides a nice framework for everything, this foray into new territory might improve my web design too!